Martin Lopez worked as an entrepreneur for fourteen years.  He served as a founding partner of and Director of Communications for Teleradiology After Hours, LLP, a nighthawk radiology office providing service to nine hospitals and six clinics across south Texas.
He is the former owner of Silver Street Studio, LLC, about which he reminisces here.
He worked as a freelance writer, branded as Superscript, Writing and Editing.

Martin is also a writer.  He has won the Donald Barthelme Prize in Fiction from the Graduate Creative Writing Program of the University of Houston.  He has served as Nonfiction Editor of Gulf Coast Magazine.  He holds an MFA from American University.  His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Fake City SyndromeWriters’ Forum, the Mobcraft Beer Blog, and elsewhere.  
He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I just came across your post on commuting by bike. It’s very well done. Thanks for posting the information and thanks for mentioning the TiGr Lock. My brother and I manufacture those locks.

    The ½” difference in width between the 075 and 125 TiGr bows makes a big difference with regard to bolt cutter attack. The folks who made this video really wanted to prove us wrong on that point, but were unable to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oz8v7J9GKw . BikeNYC.org’s experience with cutters was a lot like ours: https://tigrlock.com/in-house-testing-video/ .

    Increasing the thickness of the Ti might actually increase the vulnerability to bolt cutters. The 075s hold up very well to wire cutters, tin snips, bottle jacks and leverage attacks, even better than many popular cable, chain, ulocks, folding locks and others. However, all locks can be broken in some way of course. There is no one perfect lock solution for every situation.

    Thanks again for the mention. Please send me a note if you’d like to check one out, jim@tigrlock.com

    PS – check out Langhorne Slim’s song ‘Blown Your Mind’ for reference to Winsconsin winters.

  2. Hi Martin, my name is Jen Rubin and I am a friend of Dana Maya’s. She suggested I contact you to see if you might have some interest in a freelance writing project. I am the producer of Love Wisconsin, a statewide digital storytelling program of Wisconsin Humanities. If this sounds potentially interesting – let me know and I can provide more details.

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